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How is Quality Determined in Leadfeeder?
How is Quality Determined in Leadfeeder?

The quality bar shows a combination of engagement and data quality. This article provides a brief overview of how it works.

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Your Leadfeeder feeds show a colour-coded quality bar for each company. The quality is colour-coded from red to green. Red being of lower quality and green being of higher quality.

The higher the engagement and data quality is, the higher the quality of the company is. Consider it a quick visual indicator of who you may want to check out first.

The scoring is a mixture of visit activity and the information we have on the company. The visit information and the company information each make up for half of the score.

Within the selected timeframe the number of pageviews is scored 1-5. The more visits, the higher is the score. This is combined with a score (1-5) for the information we have available for the company, such as contacts, company description, website, etc. The more detail we have on a company, the higher the score will be.

A high-quality score may look something like the image below. There are a number of page visits but there is additional information on the company as well.

A medium-quality score may look like the one below. There are not as many visits provided, however, there is still a fair amount of information on the company without a more detailed description of it.

A low-quality company may look like the next image. There are few visits given and also little detail on the company itself. It is important to keep in mind that the company still has potential. They did visit your site and could be a future customer.

These two scores are combined to provide the full-quality score. With this method, you may see companies that have fewer visits with a higher score because there is more information available on the company. However, there is more information on the company, making it easier for you and your team to connect.

You can use the Quality attribute when Creating Custom Feeds along with other filters that help you prioritise your identified companies. For example, you could start a custom feed that required the quality score above to be 7 while also requiring a minimum of 5 visits. 

This would be a feed that uses the base quality score along with your own requirements to provide a feed demanding attention.

Use the quality bar in a way that makes sense to you and your organisation. For many companies, instead of looking at the quality bar, it is better to create your own custom feed with filters that fit your business. You can read more about custom feeds here.


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