User access rights and permissions
Which are the access or permissions levels in Leadfeeder?
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If you use Leadfeeder Premium, as default you can add users with two different access types: admin or regular access:

Admin user

  • Can access everything and perform every action. This includes changing access level – and removing access – for every other user, including all other admin users.

  • Can access and update Traffic filters

  • Can access and update Integration details

  • Can access and update Google analytics views

  • Can access and update Account details

User with Regular access

  • Can view company and account information in the settings, but not edit.

  • Can view subscriptions and invoices for accounts that they have access to. 

  • Can view only current information in Account tab and details.

  • Can view only which integrations are 'Connected'. Cannot view integration details, or connect any new integrations except Zapier and Mailchimp integrations.

  • Can upload and access 'Imported Lists'.

  • Can access and update 'Hidden' companies.

  • Cannot change or update billing profiles or credit cards.

  • Can add new credit cards and change ones added by them.

  • Can view Premium subscriptions, but only edit those where the user has added the credit card.

  • Cannot add, or edit, users.

All user levels are able to view leads, set up feeds, and all other tasks within the main tool. Permissions apply mostly to account setup and maintenance.

NOTE: Admin access is given on Leadfeeder Company level: a user can have access to multiple Leadfeeder Companies and have admin access to some accounts and limited access to other accounts.

Granular user access rights (GUARD) - user with Read-only access

As a Leadfeeder Premium admin user, you can purchase an add-on that allows you to define more restricted access rights for your user. GUARD allow administrators restrict access to the data and abilities of Leadfeeder for particular users by:

Restricting access to particular feeds

Leadfeeder admin users can create multiple feeds with specific criteria and assign each of them only to one user or group of users. For example, distributing leads to specific sales specialists based on region. Read here how to define access rights when creating a new custom feed.

Read only user access rights

When adding new users, admin users can define if the person will get admin (explained above), limited (explained above as well) or read only access. Read only users abilities are restricted to browsing, exporting and following leads in feeds that are enabled for them.

You can read more about the GUARD add-on and its use cases here.


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