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How can I tell Dealfront what CRM integration I would like to see?

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We offer native integration with 6 different well-known CRMs:

However, if you don't see the one you use there, and Zapier isn't cutting it for you, there are two ways to notify Dealfront about what CRM integration you'd like to integrate:

  1. submit your CRM or vote for it in Dealfront's feature request portal. This submission is anonymous and will be added to our portal for future votes.

  2. Login to Dealfront. In your Account settings under the Company tab in your Details you can choose 'other' and register which CRM you are currently using.

While we can't create an integration for every CRM out there, if we get enough requests for a specific one we will look into the viability of creating an integration for this.

Thanks for your input!


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